Random Act of Jerkness

I was riding the bus and we came to a stop where about five people were waiting to get on. They lined up to board one at a time, and the last person in the line appeared to be a homeless man. Of course not all homeless men fit this description, but this guy had a big, shaggy beard, worn-out and dirty clothes, and he was carrying a large backpack and a duffel bag with a large rip in it. He took one step up the bus stairs and he was in the process of dragging his giant duffel bag behind him. The driver said to him “Hey! Did you drop a $5 bill? There’s a $5 bill on the ground over there.” The homeless guy looked to the ground, and the bus driver said “Right there. See it?” The homeless guy stepped down, and as soon as he did, the bus driver closed the door and we drove off. The homeless guy yelled “Hey!” and banged his fist on the side of the bus.

I would have reported the driver, but part of me is willing to give him the benefit of a doubt. Perhaps he’d had a previous interaction with the homeless guy. Maybe the homeless guy threatened him or a passenger at some point. Or maybe he just didn’t want homeless people on his bus. I have no idea.