In all of my childhood P.E. classes, modified push-ups were referred to as “girl” push-ups while regular push-ups were referred to as “boy” push-ups. I’m sure I’m not alone here because I went to several different schools, and I think that was the case at each one. That’s messed up. Do they still do that in schools?

Do you girls have children yet? How old are you? Oh, well you will have them soon.

During a training to me and my female co-worker, both childless, while our male co-worker, who has a young child, was ignored. Like as women, we earn our credibility through our wombs, and as a man, his family life is not relevant.  (via microaggressions)

I get a comment like this at least once a month, usually at the bus stop for some reason. It’s usually in the form of “Well, maybe someday” accompanied by a sad look. 



Anderson Cooper 360 - “The Sissy Boy Experiment”

I just saw this on CNN. This is what happened when scientists governed by ignorance use their degrees to manipulate parents and americans into blindly following hegemonic and dangerous cultural norms.

from the AC360 blog:

Kirk Murphy was a bright 5-year-old boy, growing up near Los Angeles in the 1970s. He was the middle child, with big brother Mark, 8, and little sister Maris, just a baby at 9 months. Their mother, Kaytee Murphy, remembers Kirk’s kind nature, “He was just very intelligent, and a sweet, sweet, child.” But she was also worried.

“Well, I was becoming a little concerned, I guess, when he was playing with dolls and stuff,” she said. “Playing with the girls’ toys, and probably picking up little effeminate, well, like stroking the hair, the long hair and stuff. It just bothered me that maybe he was picking up maybe too many feminine traits.” She said it bothered her because she wanted Kirk to grow up and have “a normal life.”

Then Kaytee Murphy saw a psychologist on local television.

“He was naming all of these things; ‘If your son is doing five of these 10 things, does he prefer to play with girls’ toys instead of boys’ toys?’ Just things like this,” she said.

The doctor was on TV that day, recruiting boys for a government-funded program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“Well, him being the expert, I thought, maybe I should take Kirk in,” said Kaytee Murphy. “In other words, nip it in the bud, before it got started any further.”

They beat him for expressing his personality until he was so isolated that he killed himself. I can’t even express the sorrow I feel at this.

"Today it would be abuse." No, I’m sorry, but it was abuse then, too. She may be suffering some emotional detachment from the trauma of losing her son, but she doesn’t acknowledge that she was complicit in the abuse of her child. Humiliation is abuse. Beating is abuse. Pointedly ignoring your child is abuse. Handing your kid over to a government-funded program to “fix” his gender identity or sexual identity is abuse. 

Speaking of the portrayal of women in the media, I saw this greeting card and it made my eye twitch. 

If someone gave me this as a birthday card, I might rip it up in front of them. Or give them a paper cut. 

Also horrible: the male version